I would like to build a very close & warm relationship with my customers and in order to cherish the connection, be "kind, polite, and sincere".

Yoshinobu Arita


We will respond to your needs with sincerity and help you to choose the car which you are satisfied with.

I established & registered my company in April 2001. I used to work at TOYOTA dealer shop for five years and, I used to work at used car dealer store as a manager for one year.
I gained a lot of experiences and made up my own motto which is "Cherish our customers”. so, I tried to deal with my customers with responding faithfully to everything such as, Sales, inspection, repair and insurance. as a result, I have been working hard from the beginning and gaining confidence step by step and maintaining the figures close to the ideal sales. We will continue to deepen the importance of our customers in the future without forgetting the basics.


We are based and registered in Japan at Nagoya city and having big sales in entire Japan now. So, please let us offer you the best condition cars to you.

Company Name AUTO HOUSE K&Y Co., Ltd.
Established April 2011
Head office 11 Nibanwari, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi, 459-8001 Japan
Business Description New car & Used car Dealer, Purchase cars, Inspection, Repair, Auction agency, Insurance, Import & Export cars
Licensing and Registration Secondhand dealer license Number: No. 541410100900 Qualified owner: Yoshinobu Arita
Employee 5 employees